Meet Michele

Organizing has always come naturally for me. I have a knack for creating tidy spaces and finding storage solutions on all budgets. From organizing my mother’s reupholstery shop with her hundreds of spools of thread, fabrics, and notions to organizing my own living spaces, I have become known as the “Martha Stewart” of home organization amongst my family and friends. More recently, my skills have been sought by my children’s teachers, neighbors, and friends. There is no project too big or too small!

My mission is to help my clients achieve and maintain their own tidy, thoughtful spaces; to help you find harmony in your surroundings and experience the freedom of a more organized home and life!

Perhaps you’re asking yourself “Why would I hire a professional organizer?” There are many answers to this question. Life is busy, life is messy, and life gets in the way of, well, life! Sometimes, events like births, weddings, death, or health issues take over and we can’t tend to our homes the way would like. Perhaps you’re moving, relocating or downsizing? Maybe you just started a new business and the homestead is not a priority. Or you just don’t know where to start or how to even BE organized? Maybe, you’re just overwhelmed.

An organizer can help to relieve the stresses and overwhelming feelings of disarray by guiding you through the process of achieving your goals of a more organized life. I like to say that it’s like hiring a fitness trainer for your house! We can work together to get your space healthier and in shape. We can learn together to find techniques and systems that bring more ease to your life. We’ll create spaces that work for you, so you’re not working for your space!